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Mfg Part Number:689-911-422-L7-I5 Manufacturer: SCHMIDT & BENDER INC

The 5-25x56 PM II has set the benchmark for the industry in terms of optical quality and mechanical reliability. A new ocular design makes our best seller even more operable: a redesigned magnification ring is made out of solid aluminum and can accommodate our Throw Lever. In addition, the diopter adjustment can mount our military grade Polarization Filter via a thread as well as enebraex caps without needing any bulky adapters. Another new option is the low-profile elevation turret with a large adjustment range which can easily be combined with a red dot sight for close distances. Due to its great magnification range and well-engineered performance, the 5-25x56 PM II is very popular among military/police units as well as competition shooters which are demanding the best of the best. Offering a vast variety of options, the customer can highly customize his riflescope choice.

New features for the 5-25x56 PM II

1. Ultra flat Double Turn (DT27)

The 5-25x56 PM II features now the well-proven low-profile double turn elevation turret which is capable of 27 MRAD (DT27). It perfectly supports the use of an additional red dot sight for close distances. Although being very compact, it maintains all essential features of a Double Turn turret such as a visual and tactile yellow-colored revolution indicator, locking function, MTC clicks and easy to read digits.

Ultra flat Double Turn (DT27)


2. Magnification Ring

The new magnification ring is now fully rugged and is made out of solid aluminum. It has been further optimized and now features a magnification ring with deep grooves for a better grip which also allows to accommodate our Throw Lever (see page 49).

Magnification Ring


3. Diopter Adjustment

In addition, the diopter has been redesigned in order to attach our military grade Polarization Filter Ocular via a thread. The ribbed structure of the diopter adjustment makes it suitable for the tactical Tenebraex Ocular Lens Cover.

Diopter Adjustment


4. P5FL Reticle

The new P5FL basically resembles the popular pattern of our well-known P4FL reticle which was initially designed for military snipers and has been well-proven around the globe. Reflecting the ongoing technical evolution the new P5FL represents a slight upgrade without forcing the operator to get used to a completely new reticle design. It is also perfect for competition shooters and modern hunters alike who prefer a clean reticle design which is reduced to the most important essentials without distracting features. Those who are already enjoying the P4FL reticle will find confidence in the new P5FL reticle. See for more detailed information page 40.

P5FL Reticle


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